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The village of Parchiule

In the first plain of the Auro valley, where the torrent begins to relax and calm down, there is the village of Parchiule, 600 meters high. Fully surrounded by nature, Parchiule is an excellent example of a perfectly preserved ancient rural agglomeration: here the houses are still in the style of the central Apennines, intact for centuries and today lived as first or second homes. The very high fireplaces, the sloping roofs in black stone slabs, the steep staircases and the large walls, local stone made, are the hallmarks of a simple and functional architecture that had to serve the homes of farmers and woodcutters of the past centuries .

It is difficult to get detailed information on the origins of this village, in the destruction of the capital Borgo Pace during the Second World War the historical archives of the municipality were destroyed too. However, it can be said certainly that the origins of Parchiule are very old, already inhabited in Roman times and then part of the Massa Trabaria, following the events of this area.

The inhabited settlement of Parchiule is divided in two parts by the Auro stream which marks an ideal border between two "districts" called the Lame, on the hydrographic left, and the Villa, a little further up, under a watchtower whose ruin is still visible today. For those who want to relax visiting  this village surrounded by greenery, where time seems to be stopped, after a visit through the narrow stone streets among the houses, it is recommended to arrive to  the church of Santa Maria, connected with a beautiful and ancient stone bridge. Coalmen, woodcutters and farmers are people you can meet along these roads, people who live nature, respecting  and taking care of it.

Parchiule is in a place where many paths start, it is located along the Strada della Luna and from the center it is possible to take simple routes such as the Path of Natura or more difficult ones, such as 90bis, that lead up to the Alpe della Luna.

Tracks for hikers of all levels, to be traveled on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike, and probably at the end, enjoy a refreshing swim in the river, in the splendid Auro pools. Impossible don’t mention the Osteria del Boscaiolo, an obligatory stop for those who literally want to taste the delights and atmosphere of Parchiule.

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