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The Sources of the Auro

Even if its territory is mountainous, the Alpe della Luna is a land of waters and rivers. From one of its main peaks, the Monte Maggiore, two of the most important rivers in the province of Pesaro and Urbino rise: the Foglia, which then descends its valley further north, and the Auro stream which will become the Metauro in Borgo Pace, thanks to the meeting with the Meta stream.

From the 1384 meters of the Monte Maggiore begins the Auro's course to the Adriatic Sea, a journey that, after the union with the Meta, will make it the longest river in the Marche Region. In its ten-kilometer run between the Alpe and the estuary, just below the village of Borgo Pace, the Auro crosses uncontaminated places where, in centuries of history, very few people have set foot. Its descent is wild, at the bottom of a narrow valley where it creates waterfalls and small pools, hidden among the vegetation, where its presence is sometimes signaled only by the continuous sound of water flowing between the stones and overcome a series of small jumps. In its run it crosses the village of Parchiule, then it descends to Borgo Pace, giving life on the way  to its natural pools and then creating together with the Meta stream, which comes from Bocca Trabaria, the Metauro.

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Sport and Outdoor

Did you ever see the birth of a river?

Torquato Tasso in his “Canzone al Metauro” describes this river as "richer in history than in water", The Metauro rises in Borgo Pace, not from a spring but, as reported in the emblem of the town, from the union of two streams that join just below the village to form the Metauro.

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Sport and Outdoor

Rare Nature

There is only one word to describe the rich and various nature of the Borgo Pace area: biodiversity. Different habitats, ranging from the mountain one of Bocca Trabaria to the hilly one near the village of Borgo Pace, hold a great variety of animal and plant species.

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