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The red potato of Sompiano

The treasure of Borgo Pace is under the ground: it is the red potato of Sompiano, a tuber with several applications in cooking that stands out for the external part that tends to the red color.

The Red potato is a autochthonous quality, cultivated and protected by an association of local farmers. In order to use the denomination "Red Potato of Sompiano" it is in fact necessary to follow  strict production guidelines, nothing is left to chance, the cultivation of potatoes must take place within the border of the municipality of Borgo Pace, it must be treated without the aid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and its collection must be handmade without the use of machines. Once collected, the potatoes are then left to rest for 6 months in a dry and dark place, only then they  will be ready to arrive in the kitchens.

All this attention results in a product with unique characteristics: a particular composition of the starch, shaped like a grain of rice, the characteristic flower opening of the peel while it is cooking and finally an excellent cooking resistance a very appreciated quality.

Roasted, fried or grilled, the red potato represents very well the food tradition of Borgo Pace. These excellent ingredients and the wisdom of the housewives create delicious gnocchi with game meat sauce or zero-km roast meats, enriched with roast potatoes that enhance the taste and, for the greediest also the very sweet potato pancakes. Looking for the places where the Red Potato is born, you have to visit  Sompiano, the heart of the production of this delicious tuber.

Located right next to the Meta stream, Sompiano is a small village known already since the fifteenth century and where in a few meters it is possible to see two churches: the Oratorio del Carmine and the Church of Santa Croce, two beautiful examples in local religious architecture style.


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