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The mushrooms and truffles moment

The walks in the woods of Borgo Pace are enriched by the presence of a great variety of mushrooms, beautiful to see and, in many cases, good to eat.

Porcini mushrooms, cockerels, hornbeams (common name of Hydnum repandum), ovules and many others, grow in different periods of the year, depending on the species. In autumn, however, the production of mushrooms increases, and above all comes the time of the most wanted product after mushroom: the truffle.

The upper Metauro Valley, with its marly- arenaceous soils and the right ambient conditions, is one of the few places in the world where Tuber magnatum pico, the prized white truffle, grows. Between September and December, this precious and strange underground mushroom is constantly sought by dozens and dozens of truffle dogs, closely followed by truffle hunters.

Without the special permits, mushroom picking is forbidden, so it is recommended to contact authorized nature guides to organize an excursion and discover these delicious products of the land.

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