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The House of Writing

Villages and Culture

The House of Writing in Borgo Pace is a multifunctional space ready to welcome the work of professionals within an apparatus for the production and sharing of publishing, artistic, theatrical and socio-cultural projects.

This is the first prototype of the socio-cultural project The House of Writing, developed by Daniele Aluigi and Antonio Gabbiani and created by Libraria, Il Palcoscenico del Libro.

A complicated experiment designed to start a network of activities into a territory aimed to make of the book universe a force of attraction, innovation and enhancement. A multifunctional factory, heart of the activities, that is able to attract authors from different sectors (publishing - fiction, poetry, essay writing, theater, cinema, television, comics, radio, music)  in the territory.

This system was designed specifically to promote the production and sharing of works of genius through co-working sessions, artistic events and many other socio-cultural initiatives whose connection, in a continuous process in the territory, will not only bring a great season of intellectual production as well as  benefits in economic and tourist terms

This is how this project, this prototype, is well suited to take root not only in a single territory, but can and must branch out in many centers of Italy, becoming a functional link within a national and international mesh, whose connections guarantee a continuous process of exchanges and intellectual and economic implementation with the immediate consequence of an effective sharing of a very wide range of cultural products.

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Torquato Tasso in his “Canzone al Metauro” describes this river as "richer in history than in water", The Metauro rises in Borgo Pace, not from a spring but, as reported in the emblem of the town, from the union of two streams that join just below the village to form the Metauro.

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Villages and Culture

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Borgo Pace is the most "internal" municipality in the Metauro Valley. Its large territory extends to the borders of Umbria,Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, in the heart of the Apennines.This has always been an area of ​​commerce, spirituality, villages and castles.

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