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The amlet of Palazzo Mucci

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In the long Auro Valley, among rural houses, mills along the stream, villages and towers ruins, there is Palazzo Mucci (or Palazzo dei Mucci, or di Muccio) on the hydrographic left. A rural stone houses settlement of medieval origin that rises on a relief at 619 m.

The history of Palazzo Mucci, a fortified castle since the 12th century, is closely linked to the one of the eight nearby medieval castles (first of all Castel dei Fabbri) which had a tormented fate: first united under the vicariate of Lamoli, then contested by the Duke of Urbino, under the constant threat of the Brancaleoni family and finally reconquered by the Church.

At Palazzo Mucci you can still admire the "Palazzo di Muccio" (Muccio was the ancestor of the Counts Muccioli), a valuable seventeenth century mansion where, in the early nineteenth century, Luciano Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother, was hosted.

Notable is the small church dedicated to San Floriano and its bell tower with two bells, at the end of the church there is a semi-cylindrical apse, closed by a curious roof that cuts it obliquely, above and below the church, there are few houses.

Today Palazzo Mucci is, less than ten inhabitants and it is an ideal destination for an experience between remote history and a present of relaxation and nature.


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