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Swimming in the Apenines - The pools of the Auro

Among the latest trends in ecotourism there is certainly the wild swimming, namely swimming in environments closely with wild nature. Nothing to do with crowded beaches under the summer sun: the protection against the heat, in the heart of the Marche Apennines, can be found with a dive into the cool waters of the natural pools of the Auro stream. In fact, not far from the town center there are perfect places to swim in relax and privacy in clear and uncontaminated waters, with the background of breathtaking views surrounded by nature. Due to the particular geological conformation of the area,  the river, originated from Monte Maggiore, is in fact characterized by a long series of waterfalls and natural pools, the "gorge" for the locals, where it is possible to dive and swim in the nature.

The swimming pools are easy to reach, in fact they are almost located just below the road that connects Borgo Pace and Parchiule, indicated by information panels. You only need to find a small free pitch, park your car  and choose your "own" swimming pool, which for a day or a few hours will truly become a unique and tailored place.

“San Leo”, “i Morti”, “il Mulino” and many others, each one with its own name and  characteristics. Diving, short swims, relaxing baths, mud baths, but also long walks along the the course of the river to observe the unexplored nature. Shrimps and river crabs, kingfishers, herons and many other species, even rare ones, usually frequent these waters and with attention and discretion it will be possible to spot them.

For those who are more interested in body care, along the course of the Auro there are also some sulfur water sources. Its beneficial properties for health and for the skin have been known since ancient times.

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