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Nature awakens

In mountain environments such as in Borgo Pace, winters are long and cold and nature needs to take a long break during the cold season.

This means that in spring, with the increase in temperatures, all the great biodiversity of these areas awakes at the same time

The wealth of animal species in the Borgo Pace territory is remarkable and deserves to be discovered and observed, with discretion and without disturbing.

Among the rarest species living in these areas there are certainly the crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) which have now become rare in many areas of Italy because of overfishing and pollution of the rivers. Here, in the river stretches near the village of Lamoli but also in the Auro stream and in other smaller torrents, it is possible to see this beautiful native prawn, usually, holed up under stones or piles of branches.

A special mention goes to the amphibians of the Borgo Pace area: in the fresh waters of the tanks, in the high altitude pastures , it is possible to come across some crested newts or even the splendid and rare alpine newt, which in spring, during the breeding season , shows off beautiful electric blue tones.

Newts are those amphibians often incorrectly named salamanders, and with regard to salamanders, in the mountains of the Alpe della Luna there are reports of the presence of the “salamander from glasses”, a rare endemic Italian amphibian that exists only in Italy.

In these territories, the pristine habitat guarantees the survival of a large number and variety of mammals.

The fascinating and mysterious wolf, a steady presence but hard to see by day if you are not very lucky. And if there are predators there are obviously prey too: roe-deer, fallow-deer, boars and even deer, which in recent years have come back to this area of ​​the Apennines.

Predators also arrive from above, in the territory of Borgo Pace there are numerous species of raptors, from the most common buzzard to the fascinating and rare Peregrine Falcon, not forgetting the short -toed snake eagle, a majestic and big raptor that eats only snakes.

An ideal place for lovers of birdwatchers and nature photographers, that can easily observe one of their favorite subjects: the kingfisher, a common presence in the riverbeds of these areas.

You just have to plan and leave.

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