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Here passed the gothic line

Land of coalmen, smugglers and partisans: during the last World War the mountains of the Alpe della Luna were the scene of great battles that contributed to the difficult path to liberate  Italy. Precisely on these ridges passed the Gothic Line, the front of fortifications that cut the Italian Boot in two parts and right here the partisan presence was very strong and left an unforgettable mark,  forever attached to these places.In June 1944 the German army was thinking to retreat behind the Gothic Line to foster the withdrawal of troops and vehicles and wipe the territory from the partisans. On the mountains of the Alpe della Luna, there were the partisans of the II Battalion of the Garibaldi Pesaro brigade together with the member of the Banda Panichi and some Slavic partisans, stationed there with the aim of making the passage of German vehicles towards the Gothic line more and more difficult. The battle was inevitable. Located between Sestino and the Alpe della Luna, the partisans suffered massive raids by over two thousand German soldiers but with their heroism and abnegation they wrote a page of great courage in the history of the Resistance, in the last great battle of the war in the Marche. The decisive battle took place in the mountains above Parchiule where the partisans were able to break out of the German encirclement  and run away from the roundup.At the end of the war to commemorate the great battle and the partisans who lost their lives in it, the Monument to the Resistance was built at the entrance to the village of Parchiule. It is formed by several overlapping stone blocks, at the top of which there is a cement sculpture that represents two stars, one inserted obliquely into the other one. The stones of the monument come from the countries of the  ex -Jugoslavia to symbolize the bond between people who, as the inscription on the monument recalls, "found freedom, brotherhood and love overcoming, winning  the hatred of war".

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