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Gastronomic souvenirs and where to find them

After one hour, one day or one week stop, don’t miss the opportunity to take home some souvenirs "to taste", one of the many local products offered by the territory and by the wisdom of the people of Borgo Pace.

The Sompiano Red Potato is a unicum, a specialty that opens to a lot of recipes such as roasts or fried and ideal for its cooking on the grill. It keeps cooking better than potatoes produced in other areas. The producers of the Sompiano Red Potato have organized themselves into an Association, to contact them, please write to this e-mail:  turismo comune.borgo-pace.ps.it

Truffles and mushrooms are always present in these areas, porcini, field mushrooms, cockerels and of course the white truffle. To taste fresh products, you must necessarily arrive in the right season depending on the type of mushroom, otherwise you can buy excellent preparations, available together with other specialties, in the grocery stores of Borgo Pace, Lamoli and Parchiule.

Pasta di Borgo Pace is a pasta factory born in 2018 that produces high quality pasta, these are the words of the founders Giampaolo and Caterina: “A quality, healthy and genuine product. A a drawn in bronze pasta , particularly suitable to receive delicious sauces, thanks to its porosity. A product dried slowly at a low temperature, at no more than 40 degrees and for over 20 hours with an innovative machinery that reproduces the traditional open-air ventilation system, essential for the degree of elasticity of the pasta and its organoleptic properties. Made with durum wheat semolina from our local producers, stone ground to preserve the wheat germ. All this makes special our recipe. Water and wheat. Simply, Pasta


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The festival of the red potato

Every last weekend of August is celebrated a festival dedicated entirely to the typical product of Borgo Pace: the Red Potato. Of course there is  the music and above all there is delicious food: gnocchi with duck sauce, fried potatoes, roaster meat and of course the famous Crostolo di Sompiano.

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The festival of panzanella

At the turn of August 15th there is the Lamoli Panzanella Festival. Panzanella is a traditional dish of the peasant cuisine in Tuscany, which is a few kilometers from Lamoli. Panzanella is a poor dish: old bread was soaked and mixed with vegetables that were easily available in the garden.

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