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Did you ever see the birth of a river?

Torquato Tasso in his “Canzone al Metauro” describes this river as "richer in history than in water", because history has really passed along the course of the main watercourse in the Marche, from the famous battle of Metauro where Hasdrubal died, until the sad events of the last World War, passing through the glorious period of the Dukedom of Urbino.

The Metauro rises in Borgo Pace, not from a spring but, as reported in the emblem of the town, from the union of two streams that join just below the village to form the Metauro.

Starting from the main square, Piazza del Pino, just enter into a characteristic alley in the center, Via del Borghetto, and then go down the descent that leads to a large green area, an equipped park that rises just where the two streams join. This is a privileged place to observe the river environment and where, with a little luck, kingfisher and trout can be seen.

The sound of flowing water leads us to reflect on how Borgo Pace is a “peninsula”, protected on both sides by the two streams that join after the village to give life to the Metauro.

On one side, in fact, the town is lapped by the Meta stream, which originates from the mountainous ridge near Bocca Trabaria, just over a thousand meters above sea level, and on its descent before reaching the main village it crosses the hamlet of Lamoli; on the other side , the Auro stream flows from the nearby Tuscany. The Auro rises from the slopes of Monte Maggiore, at about 1300 meters, geographically in Tuscany, in an area where Marche, Tuscany and Umbria meet. On its descent into the valley it crosses the village of Parchiule and shortly after this it originates the famous natural pools of the Auro, ideal for a refreshing bath close to nature.

From here, from Borgo Pace, the path (and history) of the Metauro starts, the glorious waters begin a journey of 110 kilometers that will take them to the estuary, in the Adriatic Sea further south than the center of Fano.

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