Exploring Borgo Pace

9,77 inhabitants per square kilometer, there is probably no better way to describe the life quality in Borgo Pace, the ideal place to stop for a day, a weekend or ... even longer.

The whole territory is an open-air museum, where nature, culture, ancient and modern stories intersect in a millenary balance.

A swim in the Auro stream, a visit to the Abbey of Lamoli, a weekend of relaxation and gastronomy in one of the many excellent restaurants and farmhouses. A high altitude walk, where the longest Trekking in the world passes, the Sentiero Italia or a simple summer afternoon watching the charcoal burners, a literally timeless job.

These are just some of the activities that Borgo Pace offers with its constellation of small villages, a fairytale territory, a place where you feel good.

Thanks to the Borgoviaggiando project, it will be possible to have a new and authentic tourist experience, in autonomy and in complete freedom. An interactive open-air museum, where the natural environment is the exhibition area and the many places of interest are the masterpieces. A series of QR codes, directions and information panels will guide visitors throughout the territory, leading them with texts, stories, photo and video content, GPS tracks and more information available in, which can be easily consulted from the smartphone.

Today's tourism needs genuineness, nature and villages, real life. Borgo Pace and all of its territory have the favoured conditions, in which there is no lack of fresh air, available space and attractions.

Let Borgoviaggiando lead you, for an unforgettable experience in Borgo Pace, where you feel good.